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The only IoT/OT cybersecurity platform built by blue-team cyber-experts with nation-state expertise defending critical infrastructure. We know what it takes.



Yes, CyberX delivers continuous monitoring and vulnerability management with zero impact on operational networks. Yes, CyberX discovers and displays a complete network map of all your assets, reaching into all areas of production to give you a clear picture of all devices and how they communicate with each other. Yes, CyberX integrates with your SOC workflows and existing security stack to provide unified security governance across both IT and IoT and ICS.

At CyberX, these are just table stakes. As the most complete industrial cybersecurity platform, we’re continuously adding capabilities and services, streamlining workflows, and integrating with even more of your existing security stack … and making sure it all works.

Today. And Tomorrow.

The Challenges of IoT Security

IoT devices help make organizations more efficient — but increase the attack surface by 300% and allow threat actors to bypass existing controls. Watch the video to learn why in this short video and what to look for in a cybersecurity platform.


If you’re looking for real, defensible statements of superiority and reasons to choose CyberX over any other platform in the cybersecurity space, you’ll find them right here. These are not beta products or future destinations on our product development roadmap — every claim we make is backed by our proven track record. Today.

The most widely-deployed industrial cybersecurity platform

Deployed across 1,200+ production ICS networks worldwide, CyberX has continuously evolved to address some of the largest and most complex environments, across all industrial sectors.

The quickest and easiest industrial cybersecurity platform to implement, use and maintain

Within an hour of being connected to your IoT and ICS network, CyberX’s patented self-learning engines deliver detailed contextual insights about ICS assets, vulnerabilities, and threats — without relying on rules or signatures, specialized skills, or prior knowledge of the environment.

The most relentlessly innovated industrial cybersecurity platform

CyberX was a pioneer in the industry and continues to advance the field with a history of firsts, including automated vulnerability assessments; ICS threat modeling; a cloud-based sandbox service for ICS malware analysis; and native apps for IBM Security QRadar and the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework.

The most open and interoperable industrial cybersecurity platform

Built from the ground-up with an IoT and ICS vendor-agnostic architecture that guarantees interoperability with all IoT and ICS automation protocols and devices. Open and extensible API enables easy integration with more 3rd-party applications and systems than any other industrial cybersecurity solution.

The most rigorously-tested industrial cybersecurity platform

The only industrial cybersecurity company with an in-house facility for stress-testing our platform against real-world attacks in real-world industrial environments.

The most support services and training

Our industry-unique services — delivered in collaboration with our service provider partners worldwide — include customizing your SOC workflows for IoT and ICS incident response; simulating IoT and ICS incident response scenarios; customizing your SIEM rules and firewall integrations; and sending our military cyber experts to supplement your team during onsite incident response.

The most complete industrial cybersecurity platform

A single, integrated platform for reducing ICS risk across multiple dimensions simultaneously — from ICS breach simulation to system and network hardening, and from real-time alerting to immediate blocking and prevention. Scalable, multi-tier architecture enables centralized visibility across all your sites worldwide.

The most experienced threat intelligence research team

Our analytics are continuously enriched by CyberX’s in-house team of threat analysts — world-class domain experts and data scientists that are constantly tracking ICS-specific zero-days, campaigns, and adversaries as well as reverse-engineering malware obtained from both open and closed sources.

The most advanced industrial cybersecurity platform

Advanced self-learning analytics rapidly identify threats with minimal false positives. Advanced asset inventory delivers detailed information including serial numbers, firmware revisions, and card slots. Advanced threat modeling identifies and prioritizes mitigation of critical attack vectors. Advanced UX design for ease-of-use. Advanced multi-tier architecture for scalability.

 CyberX Track Record of Innovation & Vision


Primary Use Cases

Every organization is at a different stage in their IoT & ICS cybersecurity maturity. Just as adversaries are becoming increasingly sophisticated, organizations are also continually challenged to up their game. CyberX enables you to easily adopt new capabilities to match your organizational readiness.

Asset Management

You can’t protect what you don’t know about. CyberX auto-discovers your IoT and ICS network topology and provides detailed information about all your assets including device type, manufacturer, model, serial number, firmware revision, open ports, etc.

Network Segmentation & Zero Trust

CyberX accelerates network segmentation by automatically discovering and profiling all your assets, showing how they communicate, integrating with firewall platforms, and providing automated threat modeling to test the effectiveness of your segmentation zones.

Risk & Vulnerability Management

CyberX provides an objective risk score for your overall IoT and ICS environment along with actionable mitigation recommendations — prioritized by risk — at both the device and network layers.

Threat Detection & Response

Using five distinct, ICS-aware self-learning analytics engines, CyberX continuously monitors your IoT and ICS network to detect threats such as targeted attacks, malware, and insider & trusted third-party threats.

SOC Integration

A unified IT/OT security strategy is the optimal way to manage your overall digital risk. CyberX integrates natively with your existing security stack to OT-enable your SOC with real-time visibility into OT assets, vulnerabilities, and threats.

Centralized Management

CyberX’s scalable architecture enables centralized visibility and control across multiple tiers in the organization, giving you a unified view of IoT and ICS assets and risk across all your sites worldwide.

Advanced Use Cases