An OT Maturity Model for Securing Digital Transformation & IOT:
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How to securely accelerate your firm’s digitalization and Industry 4.0 initiatives

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Why boards and CISOS are concerned about unmanaged “Smart” Devices & the expanding IOT/IIOT attack surface

Digital transformation initiatives such as Smart Manufacturing, Smart Buildings, and IoT-based logistics systems are improving efficiency, quality, and safety for enterprises worldwide — but they also bring increased cyber risk.

These risks include costly downtime, safety and environmental incidents, theft of trade secrets, and siphoning of resources for DDoS campaigns and cryptojacking.

In this white paper by ARC Advisory Group — the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry, critical infrastructure, and Smart Cities — you’ll learn about:

  • ARC’s Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Maturity Model
  • Why cybersecurity concerns are impeding digital transformation and Industry 4.0 initiatives
  • How agentless OT network security monitoring is an enabler for increased cybersecurity maturity

According to ARC, “It’s naïve to assume that digital transformation leaders will continue to delay rollouts over cybersecurity concerns. Security teams need to act now to ensure they don’t lose control of the organization’s security.”

Download the white paper to get ARC’s expert recommendations on how to mitigate the risks of deploying IoT/ICS devices — which can’t be protected by agent-based technologies and are often unpatched or misconfigured.

About the Author

Sid Snitkin is the VP & GM Enterprise Services for ARC’s Industrial Cybersecurity practice, which develops products and services for protecting industrial facilities.  Sid also supports ARC clients in Asset Lifecycle Information Management and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Sid has over 30 years of experience in automation, information systems, and manufacturing.

Sid’s background includes extensive experience in the metals industry, including engineering design, construction and automation of Ironmaking, Steelmaking, Rolling, and processing facilities. He holds a BS and MS in Physics from Carnegie-Mellon University and teaches Statistics, Simulation and Optimization, and Risk Management.