In this educational SANS webinar led by Mike Assante, SANS Director of Critical Infrastructure & ICS/SCADA Security, we’ll explore:

  • Limitations of basic ICS/SCADA security: Why firewalls & segmentation aren’t sufficient anymore
  • NotPetya, CrashOverride & Dragonfly 2.0: Technical descriptions & how they work
  • Active Cyber Defense: What is it & how can ICS/SCADA defenders implement it

Phil Neray, CyberX’s VP of Industrial Cybersecurity, will discuss how continuous ICS threat monitoring, asset discovery, and threat intelligence support Active Cyber Defense controls for industrial and critical infrastructures.

Download the .pdf slides of Mike Assante’s presentation here.
Download the .pdf slides of Phil Neray’s presentation here.
View the transcript of the webinar here.
Download the Transcript .pdf here

Additional Resources:

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