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Presenting OT Security Risk to the Board

How to effectively communicate OT/ICS cybersecurity risk to your Board of Directors.

The corporate risks associated with ICS and OT cybersecurity differ significantly from those related to the security of IT networks – and they need to be understood by your Board of Directors. These include costly production outages leading to financial losses, catastrophic safety failures and environmental damage leading to potential liability issues, and theft of corporate IP leading to loss of competitive advantage.

A key goal of the Board of most enterprises is to maintain an appropriate balance between protecting the security of the enterprise, its ability to function, and control financial outlays from losses.

But how do ICS security leaders translate cybersecurity priorities into the language that their Board members speak – the language of business goals and outcomes?

CyberX developed a practical guide to help ICS security professionals frame the ICS risk discussion with their Board – and secure top-level support for their OT security strategy.

Download the guide to learn how to:

  • Tie ICS risk to business outcomes
  • Describe your OT cybersecurity strategy in the context of a cybersecurity framework
  • Address regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Measure the maturity of your industrial cybersecurity capabilities
  • Model potential financial losses of a cyberattack on your ICS/OT network
  • Organize governance across both IT and OT

Let us help you prepare for your ICS risk discussion with the Board – download the guide.