Enterprise IoT Security Buyer’s Guide

12-Point Checklist For Evaluating Enterprise IoT Security Solutions

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What security and digital transformation leaders need to know about the risks posed by unmanaged IoT devices — and the key capabilities required to secure them

IoT devices are everywhere. While they simplify our lives and streamline businesses in many ways, they’re also soft targets that give adversaries a wide open opportunity to gain unrestricted access to corporate and OT networks.

These smart connected devices are unmanaged, unseen, unpatched, and often misconfigured. What’s more, they can’t be protected by agent-based technologies — making them easily compromised.

In this easy to understand guide, you’re learn about:

  • The many types of IoT devices already deployed in your organization
  • Real-world IoT threat scenarios
  • Why traditional solutions are ineffective
  • 12 key requirements for selecting an enterprise IoT security platform

Download the report