Zero-Trust & Network

Automate the most labor-intensive aspects of network segmentation with CyberX.

Plus, deploy continuous threat monitoring as a compensating control when segmentation or patching are impractical.

CyberX’s automated asset discovery and network topology mapping.

CyberX’s automated asset discovery and network topology mapping.


Network segmentation and zero trust initiatives mitigate risk by preventing threat actors from moving laterally (“East-West”) across networks to compromise critical assets. That’s why network segmentation is a fundamental cyberdefense strategy for all organizations.

So, if you’re like most organizations, you now have to figure out how to apply the same strategy to IoT/ICS devices — which give threat actors three times the attack surface compared to just a few years ago. But, they don’t support agents, are unpatched, and are invisible to IT.

Compounding the problem is that segmentation approaches typically rely on manual processes such as reviewing spreadsheets, log files, and switch information to understand how IoT/ICS devices communicate with each other.

And that’s time-consuming and error-prone.

CyberX’s agentless IoT/ICS security platform accelerates network segmentation projects by automating the most labor-intensive aspects while providing deep visibility into your IoT/ICS environment.

It auto-discovers all IoT/ICS assets, provides behavioral profiles for assets, and integrates with your existing firewalls so you can segment networks faster and with lower risk.

CyberX’s network interconnections heatmap

CyberX’s network interconnections heatmap shows how subnets communicate with each other.

Detailed device information automatically discovered by CyberX

Detailed device information
automatically discovered by CyberX


  • Discovers all assets in minutes and displays a network topology map with full visibility of the “digital terrain” — so you can design optimal segmentation policies without risking impact to critical processes.
  • Provides continuous threat monitoring and vulnerability management  as compensating controls and multi-layer defenses — when patching or granular segmentation are impractical.
  • Automatically profiles and groups assets based on IP, ports, protocols, subnets, manufacturer, device type, and application — so you can make informed decisions about how to segment them.
  • Rapidly creates segmentation rules through API-level integrations with leading firewall and NAC platforms.
  • Performs automated threat modeling to test whether your segmentation prevents adversaries from pivoting deeper into your networks.
  • Integrates asset information with standard CMDBs such as ServiceNow.

Primary Use Cases

Every organization is at a different stage in their IoT & ICS cybersecurity maturity. Just as adversaries are becoming increasingly sophisticated, organizations are also continually challenged to up their game. CyberX enables you to easily adopt new capabilities to match your organizational readiness.

Asset Management

You can’t protect what you don’t know about. CyberX auto-discovers your IoT and ICS network topology and provides detailed information about all your assets including device type, manufacturer, model, serial number, firmware revision, open ports, etc.

Network Segmentation & Zero Trust

CyberX accelerates network segmentation by automatically discovering and profiling all your assets, showing how they communicate, integrating with firewall platforms, and providing automated threat modeling to test the effectiveness of your segmentation zones.

Risk & Vulnerability Management

CyberX provides an objective risk score for your overall IoT and ICS environment along with actionable mitigation recommendations — prioritized by risk — at both the device and network layers.

Threat Detection & Response

Using five distinct, ICS-aware self-learning analytics engines, CyberX continuously monitors your IoT and ICS network to detect threats such as targeted attacks, malware, and insider & trusted third-party threats.

SOC Integration

A unified IT/OT security strategy is the optimal way to manage your overall digital risk. CyberX integrates natively with your existing security stack to OT-enable your SOC with real-time visibility into OT assets, vulnerabilities, and threats.

Centralized Management

CyberX’s scalable architecture enables centralized visibility and control across multiple tiers in the organization, giving you a unified view of IoT and ICS assets and risk across all your sites worldwide.

Advanced Use Cases