CyberX for Enterprise IoT Devices

We safeguard some of the world’s largest and most complex IoT networks. We can safeguard yours.


Every Smart Device Requires Smarter Security

… and you probably have hundreds, if not thousands of them. With Gartner predicting the number of IoT devices will grow to 25 billion by 2021, security pros are increasingly concerned about the risks posed by unmanaged devices and the expanding attack surface they represent.

Because these embedded devices can’t be protected by agent-based anti-malware technologies — and are often unpatched or misconfigured — they can easily be compromised by adversaries to threaten safety, conduct ransomware attacks, pivot deeper into your network to steal sensitive intellectual property, and siphon computing resources for DDoS campaigns and cryptojacking.

These devices connect directly to your wireless or wired networks, so they can’t be protected by perimeter firewalls. And traditional network-based access control solutions are often complex to configure and maintain.

Only CyberX gives you 100% visibility and a simple, unified way to secure all unmanaged IoT and ICS devices, across both IT and OT.

The Challenges of IoT Security

IoT devices help make organizations more efficient — but increase the attack surface by 300% and allow threat actors to bypass existing controls. Watch the video to learn why in this short video and what to look for in a cybersecurity platform.

Now, You Can Manage the Unmanageable

CyberX’s passive, agentless platform is easy to deploy and delivers actionable insights less than an hour after being connected to your network.

So you gain real-time visibility and asset information about all your unmanaged devices, their communication patterns and risk profiles — and whether their behavior tells you they’ve already been compromised.





IoT-focused malware has now evolved to become autonomous, extensible, and capable of using ordinary IoT devices as launching points into the deepest parts of your network — with the goal of compromising your corporate crown jewels.

Against organized cybercriminals and nation-state threats, you need battle-tested cybersecurity. CyberX has your back by continuously reducing infrastructure risk with zero impact to operations.

CyberX is the easiest to deploy, the most mature and the most complete IoT/ICS cybersecurity platform. That’s why  organizations worldwide choose CyberX to enable faster detection and response to IoT and ICS threats.