SANS Webinar: A Principal Control Engineer’s Perspective on Defending Energy Utilities from IoT/ICS Attacks

The grid runs everything, from manufacturing to financial, communications, transportation, water, and hospital networks. At the same time, energy utilities worldwide are under continuous attack from sophisticated adversaries including nation-states and organized crime. As the industry undergoes digital transformation and the deployment of unmanaged IoT/ICS devices, the attack surface is increasing — and so is the business risk.

In this educational webinar featuring Hank Sierk, Principal Controls Engineer with 30+ years of experience at Dominion Energy (now retired), we’ll cover key topics including:

  • The need for continuous security monitoring
  • Simplifying NERC-CIP with agentless asset discovery and passive vulnerability assessments
  • Leveraging network traffic analysis (NTA) to troubleshoot OT equipment issues (misconfigurations, etc.)
  • NOC/SOC integration
  • Tips for breaking down IT/OT organizational silos

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Henry (Hank) Sierk recently retired after a 38-year career with Dominion Energy, a top 5 US energy utility based in Richmond, Virginia. During that time he was responsible for setting the technical direction for a group of engineers performing control system projects of various types; acting as a subject matter expert regarding industry standards; working to actively maintain an overall corporate strategy to maximize the financial benefits derived from control systems; and addressing the need for control system security. He was previously a Power Production Engineer at Pennsylvania Power & Light. Hank is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in the Commonwealth of Virginia and holds a BSEE from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).