Practical Zero-Trust Strategies for IoT/OT Network Defenders

Friday, June 19 at 10:30am ET

Sure, zero-trust is an overused buzzword — but it’s also a core principle of modern cybersecurity strategy.

In this educational webinar led by security experts with deep experience implementing pragmatic security for a global manufacturer, we’ll describe why zero-trust is a big improvement over traditional perimeter security — and why it’s effective against both APTs and insider threats. You’ll learn:

  • Why zero trust is a set of design principles — and not something that can just be plugged in.
  • Practical ways to get started with zero-trust and network segmentation.
  • Why people, process, and automation are essential to making zero-trust successful.
  • Logical segmentation vs. micro-segmentation — how they apply to IoT/OT networks.


Jeff Moore: Jeff is a respected cybersecurity leader with over 20 years of management and technical experience. He is a visionary responsible for developing strategies to reduce risk and address compliance by enhancing IT security policies and procedures, security operations, and technical capabilities. Jeff was most recently Global Head of Cyber-Security at a Global 2000 pharmaceutical and life sciences organization, and previously worked at Adidas AG, Bindview, and Peregrine Systems, having started his career at the European Space Agency.

Christy Peel: Christy spent the last eight years at a Global 2000 pharmaceutical and life sciences organization, where she was head of global information security and risk management. She previously worked as a Principal Technical Consultant at BT Global Services, where she designed technical architectures for biomedical and energy organizations. She holds a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of South Alabama, where she graduated magna cum laude.

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