Robust security for your ICS/SCADA network

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The CyberX platform delivers continuous asset identification, anomaly detection, and threat hunting for your ICS network. Unique in the industry, it combines continuous, high-fidelity network monitoring with patent-pending, M2M behavioral analytics and proprietary, ICS-specific threat intelligence.

With CyberX, you can rapidly identify industrial malware such as Black Energy and Havex, vulnerabilities such as unpatched devices and unauthorized remote access, and advanced targeted attacks in your OT network.

Plus it’s rapidly deployed into existing environments because it doesn’t rely on endpoint agents, supports any ICS vendor and industrial protocol, integrates with all SIEMs, and provides a REST API for custom integrations.

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Continuous, real-time risk monitoring for IIoT & ICS/SCADA security and operational resilience

Provides complete situational awareness of industrial malware, targeted threats, and vulnerabilities in your OT network that can lead to operational disruption and theft of corporate IP.

Continuous, non-invasive asset discovery and risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities such as unauthorized remote connections, insecure devices, and weak segmentation.

Deployed in less than an hour with zero impact on OT network. Agentless technology with no active scanning required. Supports any ICS vendor, industrial protocol & SIEM.