Preventing Operational Downtime

Disruption to operations and downtime is measured in dollars. Knowing about a disruption ad-hoc, after the damage is done, with no ability to prevent it and no real indication of what has caused it, is what keeps you up at night.

Communication between critical parts of the OT network, is something we can be blind to. Gaining control of the OT Network and having full visibility into devices and processes, empowers business continuity by preventing and minimizing availability issues.

Empowering Business Continuity

CyberX empowers continuity of operations and process integrity by providing full visibility and predictability of your operational network and detecting operational incidents in real-time.

Preventing operational downtime and supporting business needs of manufacturing companies and industries such as energy, oil and gas, water, chemical, pharmaceuticals and more, our unique, patent pending, technology is implemented at no risk or interruption to operations.

Monitoring Your Network to Ensure Uptime

Our flagship product, XSense machine learns the operational network in real-time, and optimizes the detection of any abnormal behavior by monitoring and tracing events that lead to operational incidents. XSense continuously collects data from multiple devices and locations, alerting about any deviations from the pattern of life of operational elements.

Predicting Operational Incidents

Operational processes and process quality are affected by any interruption to operations. Comprehensive data collection from multiple locations and devices and analysis of operational behaviors, enables to alert in real-time of any risk to continuity of operations or process integrity, optimizing maintenance planning and assets performance.