Cyber Security – Water Industry

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Water systems are exposed to cyber threats just as much as other critical infrastructure systems. Be it water distribution networks or water treatment solution providers, the motives for cyber-attacks on water facilities are diverse and the effects of a successful attack, disastrous.

With the emergence of the Industrial Internet, the introduction of non-proprietary technologies and the exposure of the once isolated OT Network to IT environments, security risks have become imminent.

In addition to risks of operational incidents and human errors, existing and emerging cyber-threats require a new security strategy in order for the water industry related facilities to stay ahead of the attackers.

Securing the OT Network

Just like with securing an IT environment, network visibility is key. XSense oversees the OT Network, as its machine learning and modeling abilities understand how it operates and when it changes. This ensures real-time detection of unfamiliar activity, be it a cyber-attack, an operational malfunction or a tampering incident.

In addition to real-time alerting, XSense provides OT operators the ability to see, analyze and understand data, minimizing the chances for disruption of operations and system shutdown.

With no interruption to operation, XSense seamlessly inspects the existing OT infrastructure and does not require any new changes or additional investments to be an effective tool.

Key Features for Water Industry Cyber Security

Real-Time Operational and Cyber Incident Alerts

  • Immediate and complete visibility into the operational network
  • Alerts about existing operational and cyber threats
  • Maintain productivity and business continuity
  • On-going machine learning process

Active Machine Learning and Modeling

  • Continuous learning of the operational network
  • Adapting to changes within the network
  • Real-time detection of operational and cyber threats
  • Rapid incident identification and alerting
  • Lowering risk of downtime
  • Facilitating administration

Zero Impact

  • No interruption to operation (plug and play)
  • Operates within minutes of the installation
  • No overhead, pre-requisites or additional investments