Protecting the Industrial Internet

CyberX offers real-time security for the Industrial Internet, providing unprecedented visibility into OT Networks, minimizing disruption to operations and downtime.

Unparalleled Visibility for Industrial Networks

Complete visibility and historical forensics for threats and vulnerabilities within the OT environment

Real-time detection and alerting of operational and cyber security threats, vulnerabilities and incidents

Patented detection capabilities utilizing Industrial Finite State Machine, our award winning machine learning technology

CyberX secures the Industrial Internet by providing complete visibility into the OT Network. Supporting security needs of industries such as energy and utilities, oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and transportation, CyberX’s XSense platform monitors network devices to detect, prioritize and mitigate operational anomalies and cyber-attacks.   Learn more

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OT networks are comprised of machines communicating with other machines, which makes them highly deterministic in nature.

XSense leverages this deterministic behavior of OT networks, by utilizing the award winning IFSM Industrial Finite State Machine technology to aggregate all possible states of the OT network and its assets. This allows XSense to detect any change or irregularity within the OT network, ranging from the control-layer to complex operational activities.

Based on IFSM, a proprietary machine learning technology which is uniquely designed for industrial networks, XSense compiles a set of legitimate states for a particular OT network, and tracks the current state in real time.