CyberX Unveils New “ICS Asset Visibility & Threat Monitoring App” for Palo Alto Networks Application Framework

New integration enables customers to leverage existing Palo Alto Networks sensors and prevention infrastructure
See on-stage video of demo shown at IGNITE '18 during presentation by Lee Klarich, Chief Product Officer of Palo Alto Networks

As digitalization and IIoT drive increased connectivity between IT and OT networks, the risk of targeted attacks and destructive malware — such as TRITON and NotPetya — has dramatically increased. These cyber-physical incidents can result in costly production downtime, catastrophic safety failures, environmental damage, and theft of corporate IP.

The new app leverages the sensors and prevention infrastructure customers already have in place with the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform — combined with CyberX’s proprietary, ICS-aware asset profiling, behavioral analytics, and threat intelligence — to provide granular visibility into all OT assets and communication patterns between them, enabling network defenders to:

  • Auto-discover and immediately classify all OT devices based on network traffic analysis — without rules, specialized skills, or prior knowledge of the environment — enabling security teams to easily implement fine-grained policies to prevent malicious or unauthorized activities
  • Accelerate detection and investigation of targeted ICS attacks via deep forensic, threat hunting, and ICS threat modeling capabilities
  • Identify vulnerable or compromised OT devices, so they can be rapidly remediated or isolated;
  • Alert on suspicious or risky behaviors such as PLC programming changes and network scanning.

Read the joint press release with Palo Alto Networks

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