Trusted Industrial Cybersecurity

Combining continuous ICS network monitoring with ICS-specific anomaly detection and threat intelligence, the CyberX platform rapidly detects both cyber and operational incidents to strengthen operational resiliency for leading industrial organizations worldwide.

Continuous, non-invasive asset discovery and risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities such as unauthorized remote connections, insecure devices, weak authentication, and weak segmentation.

Complete situational awareness of malware and targeted threats such as: unauthorized PLC changes; PLC Stop commands; scanning malware indicating reconnaissance operations using ICS protocols; protocol violations indicating attempts to exploit known vulnerabilities.

Agentless technology that’s deployed in less than an hour and has zero impact on the OT network. Uses machine learning to eliminate need for rules or signatures. Supports any ICS vendor, industrial protocol & SIEM.

How does CyberX protect my ICS/SCADA network?

The CyberX platform continuously monitors your network for threats and vulnerabilities — delivering alerts and insights that your OT team can easily consume and act upon.

Actionable intelligence with recommended mitigations, not just alerts. Maintenance outages are precious – we prioritize the remediations so you can focus on the most needed issues.

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Key Features

Real-Time Operational and Cyber Incident Alerts

  • Immediate and complete visibility into the operational network
  • Alerts about existing operational and cyber threats
  • Maintain productivity and business continuity
  • On-going machine learning process

Active Machine Learning and Modeling

  • Continuous learning of the operational network
  • Adapting to changes within the network
  • Real-time detection of operational and cyber threats
  • Rapid incident identification and alerting
  • Lowering risk of downtime
  • Facilitating administration

Zero Impact

  • No interruption to operation (plug and play)
  • Operates within minutes of the installation
  • No overhead, pre-requisites or additional investments