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Industrial Espionage is a Major Threat to the Manufacturing Sector

In 2012, General Keith Alexander, who was NSA Director and commander of U.S. Cyber Command at the time, assessed the financial value of cyberespionage losses at about $338 billion a year, including intellectual property losses and downtime due to cyberattacks. He called it “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.”


Implications of IoT Security—and Is Regulation the Answer?

Bruce Schneier recently published an article (or more accurately, at nearly 6,000 words, a manifesto) entitled Security and the Internet of Things. It’s an incredibly insightful and well-thought-out case for why government needs to get involved to regulate the security aspects of the Internet. This article summarizes some of his key points, but if you […]


Operation BugDrop: CyberX Discovers Large-Scale Cyber-Reconnaissance Operation Targeting Ukrainian Organizations

CyberX has discovered a new, large-scale cyber-reconnaissance operation targeting a broad range of targets in the Ukraine. Because it eavesdrops on sensitive conversations by remotely controlling PC microphones – in order to surreptitiously “bug” its targets – and uses Dropbox to store exfiltrated data, CyberX has named it “Operation BugDrop.”