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CyberX combines advanced M2M behavioral analytics and anomaly detection with proprietary ICS threat intelligence — rapidly detecting both cyber and operational incidents to maximize uptime

CyberX Announces New ICS Asset Visibility & Threat Monitoring App for the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework

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CyberX Raises $18 Million in Series B Funding to Combat Rising Threats to IIoT and Critical Infrastructure, Bringing Total Funding to $30 Million

Founded by military cyber experts with nation-state expertise defending critical infrastructure, company demonstrates rapid growth with continuous ICS threat monitoring and risk mitigation platform

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Emerging ICS/SCADA Threats and How to Maximize Operational Resilience

Wednesday, June 20 at 13:30
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A data-driven analysis of vulnerabilities in real-world OT networks based on analyzing 375 industrial control networks via Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), across multiple industrial sectors in the US, EMEA and APAC.

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CyberX Launches Proactive Risk Mitigation with Automated ICS Threat Modeling — First Solution to Predict Most Likely Paths of Targeted ICS Attacks

Innovative Analytics Enable OT Security Teams to Proactively Mitigate Risk For Their Most Critical OT Assets

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Continuous, real-time threat monitoring for IIoT & ICS/SCADA security and operational resilience

Continuous, non-invasive asset discovery and risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities such as unauthorized remote connections, insecure devices, weak authentication, and weak segmentation.

Complete situational awareness of malware and targeted threats such as: unauthorized PLC changes; PLC Stop commands; scanning malware indicating reconnaissance operations using ICS protocols; protocol violations indicating attempts to exploit known vulnerabilities.

Agentless technology that’s deployed in less than an hour and has zero impact on the OT network. Uses machine learning to eliminate need for rules or signatures. Supports any ICS vendor, industrial protocol & SIEM.

Many industrial organizations are now implementing modernization initiatives requiring increased connectivity between IT and OT networks. But IT/OT convergence also leads to a larger attack surface and increased cyber-risk.

Founded in 2013 by military cyber experts with nation-state expertise defending critical infrastructure, CyberX provides the most trusted and widely-deployed platform for securing IIoT and ICS networks, spanning diverse sectors including energy & utilities, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil & gas, manufacturing, building automation, and transportation & logistics.   Learn more

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“CyberX’s specialization in providing in-depth visibility and threat intelligence across different specialized industrial protocols has resulted in powerful capabilities.”1


Only Industrial Cyber Vendor Chosen for Innovation Award Sponsored by US DHS & DoD


Only Industrial Cyber Vendor Recognized by the International Society of Automation


Best ICS Product Winner Two Years in a Row


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We selected CyberX because of their innovative, best-in-class technology and world-leading expertise in industrial cybersecurity and threat intelligence. CyberX enables our customers to significantly reduce risk and strengthen their operational resilience, both today and as they implement new digitization initiatives. Our strategic partnership with CyberX enables us to offer a mature, field-proven solution that’s scalable and can be rapidly deployed.”

Dirk Backofen

Head of Telekom Security

Deutsche Telekom/T-Systems

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OT networks are comprised of machines communicating with each other, which makes their behavior highly deterministic.

CyberX uses patent-pending, M2M behavioral analytics to model ICS networks as deterministic sequences of states and transitions, a technique known as Industrial Finite State Machine (IFSM). This unique machine learning technology enables the CyberX platform to immediately detect any anomalous or unauthorized activity with minimal false positives.

Combined with other analytics and proprietary ICS threat intelligence, IFSM enables rapid detection of industrial malware such as NotPetya, BlackEnergy and Havex; targeted attacks such as unauthorized program execution on PLCs; and vulnerabilities such as unauthorized remote access and device misconfigurations.

1 “Cool Vendors in Security for Technology and Service Providers, 2015”, Gartner, 23 April 2015