CyberX is looking for Software Infrastructure Engineer to join our Infrastructure team.

The Infrastructure team is a unique mixture of creative, enthusiastic, and hard-working Software developers and DevOps Engineers, working together to tackle the biggest challenges our company has to offer. The role includes a mix of development of complex core features and real DevOps work with the newest technologies.

We are constantly researching and introducing new technologies to bring value to our products and better our development experience.

What we actually do:

  • Designing and Rewriting core features from scratch to reach scale and performance goals
  • We code mainly in Java, Python, C++ heavily utilizing open-sources
  • We use a lot of multi-threading, queuing, batch processing and query optimization techniques
  • Building CI/CD pipelines over Jenkins X, Kubernetes with DSL’s
  • Creating Cloud deployment and monitoring processes over AWS and Azure using Helm, Terraform and Prometheus stack

What you should bring along:

  • At least 4 years of experience in complex multi-threaded or distributed systems on Linux environments.
  • Knowledge of open-sources: Databases (MySQL/Maria/Redis/MongoDB), Queuing (ZeroMq, RabbitMq, Kafka)
  • Experience with high performance and responsive code development
  • Experience with code analysis and performance monitoring tools – Advantage

CV- [email protected]