Now in its third year, the 2020 CyberX IoT/ICS Risk Report uses real data from real IoT/ICS networks across the globe to bring visibility into assets and networks that proprietary and sometimes obscure IoT and OT protocols once obscured
Some parts of working in Security Product Marketing are not so fun.  One of those not-so-fun things is navigating the barrage of studies and analyst reports that all seem to share two traits:  a chicken-little-esque “Sky is falling” urgency and an unhealthy reliance on surveys or the “feelings” of professionals in the field.  Cold hard data seems to be in short supply in our profession, so when I have a chance to collect real data on real assets and real networks, I get happy.

What’s cool and good about the 2020 CyberX IoT/ICS Risk Report is that it is based on data collected (anonymously) across over 1800 IoT/ICS networks globally.  It is, as far as I know, the only report on IoT and ICS assets and networks based on real data as opposed to thoughts and feelings. Perhaps more importantly, the data we collect is rare because it shows traffic between IoT and OT devices using proprietary and obscure protocols that traditional IT security tools were not designed to monitor.  Finally, I like that not all the news we collect is “bad” news. The sky is not falling (at least not everywhere and not all at once), some things are indeed getting better, the work we do is not entirely in vain, and there is reason to continue to hope that we can protect our critical assets from chaotic actors, misanthropes, and nation states who wish to do us harm.

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If you prefer lighter-hearted fare, take a look at some highlights of our findings in our infographic: