We recently had the pleasure of hosting CyberX’s first executive seminar in Tokyo which was titled “Emerging ICS/SCADA Threats and How to Maximize Operational Resilience.

The seminar — which attracted more than 70 attendees — took place at the historic Prince Hotel in the Minato district of Tokyo.

Throughout the afternoon of November 28, we had the pleasure of listening to a wide range of compelling presentations by industry experts including:

  • Dale Peterson, founder of the S4 ICS Security Conference, who described the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and why prevention technology alone is no longer sufficient to reduce risk from advanced ICS/SCADA attacks. He explained why organizations also need to focus on other critical dimensions of the NIST CSF including Identification, Detection, Response, and Recovery.
  • Mihoko Matsubara, Chief Cyber Security Strategist for NTTand a well-known columnist for “Mainichi Shimbun,” Japan’s oldest daily newspaper. Ms Matsubara is responsible for public advocacy to strengthen networks with global thought leaders in academia, government, and industry.
  • Masahiko Takatorifrom Palo Alto Networks, who described the company’s solutions for ICS/SCADA security at both the endpoint and network layers.
  • Nir Giller, CyberX GM, co-founder and CTO, who provided an overview of CyberX’s leadership in the ICS security market. Mr. Giller also provided a technical overview of the CyberX platform, architecture, and use cases.
  • Buck Watia, CyberX VP of Alliances & Business Development, who described the company’s API-driven integration with Palo Alto Networks to perform rapid blocking of malicious traffic; auto-discovery of OT assets and their network behavior; and automated asset tagging to build asset-based policies and Dynamic Asset Groups (DAGs).

CyberX is dedicated to helping secure Japan, its citizens and the products & services produced there. A significant part of our modern way of life depends on Japanese goods and it’s supply chain that fuel our modern tech-heavy existence. It was great to see a room full of people highly interested and sharing our same goal.

Thank you Tokyo!