We’re thrilled to be participating in the ICS Cyber Security Conference in Atlanta this week, where we look forward to meeting you in person! Here’s what we’ll be up to:

Hacking ICS Exposed

Get your free signed copy of the ultimate guide to securing ICS and SCADA systems!book-cover

Recently released, “Hacking Exposed Industrial Control Systems: ICS and SCADA Security Secrets & Solutions” is a hands-on guide to implementing ICS-focused risk mitigation frameworks.

This best practices reference also includes extensive coverage of threat intelligence research performed by CyberX’s research team. We have a limited number of copies available — so be sure to drop by as soon as you arrive!

WHERE: Ballroom Foyer, Table #3

Industrial Equipment Exposed – The Rise of Industrial Vulnerabilities

If you believe that today’s ICS environments are sufficiently protected by industrial firewalls and PLCs with “security by obscurity” — think again.

In this talk by CyberX’s VP of Research, you’ll learn how our threat research team recently uncovered seven zero-day vulnerabilities in a PLC from a leading ICS vendor, as well as a critical buffer overflow vulnerability in a commercial industrial firewall. The team leveraged advanced graph analytics and machine learning algorithms to reverse engineer the PLC firmware and discover the exploitable vulnerabilities. These ICS components are available on eBay and could easily have been obtained by nation-states or cybercriminals for hacking and reverse engineering.

The team’s findings highlight the need for a new generation of cybersecurity technologies that integrate specialized ICS threat intelligence to enrich and add context to real-time alerts, forensic investigations and vulnerability assessments.

CyberX’s industrial security platform combines advanced threat intelligence, real-time vulnerability assessment and continuous monitoring to actively protect ICS environments without impacting the reliability and availability of OT infrastructures.

Our technology enables you to visualize how attackers would penetrate your industrial network and take down critical control systems, precisely identifying the attack sequence so you can mitigate threats before threat actors compromise your control environment.

WHERE: Main Hall

WHEN: 11:45am on Wednesday, October 26

CyberX Exposed

Join Omer, Jim and David to discuss the latest trends in industrial cybersecurity. Stop by the ballroom foyer to say hello or schedule a time to meet with us during the conference.