CyberX Platform Continuously Analyzes Wire Data to Provide Real-Time Intelligence About IIoT Risk

The CyberX ICS Threat Monitoring application for Splunk is now available for download from Splunkbase.

The integration of CyberX and Splunk reduces the time required for industrial and critical infrastructure organizations to detect, investigate, and act on cyber threats to their Operational Technology (OT) networks. By continuously monitoring wire data from OT networks and applying patented behavioral analytics to it, CyberX enables joint customers to obtain real-time intelligence about OT risk and correlate it with other threat information in their Splunk repositories.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is unlocking new levels of productivity, helping organizations improve safety, increase output, and maximize revenue. At the same time, digitalization is driving deployment of billions of IIoT devices and increased connectivity between IT and OT networks, increasing the attack surface and risk of dangerous cyberattacks on industrial control systems.

“The mounting number of attacks is evidence that the likelihood of breach is real and serious. While financial loss as a result of attacks can be significant, it is the impact to safety and reliability that is of greatest concern to most,” according to Ruggero Contu, Gartner Senior Director Analyst. “The convergence of IT and OT environments is driving the need to leverage traditional IT controls and architectures to better monitor and secure critical environments that are increasingly connected to external services.”1

CyberX’s agentless, non-intrusive OT security platform enables joint customers to auto-discover their assets and network topology, identify critical vulnerabilities and attack vectors, and continuously monitor their OT networks for destructive cyberattacks such as WannaCry, NotPetya, and TRITON.

“Splunk has an incredible vision and they are like us, very focused on defending the world’s critical infrastructure,” said Buck Watia, VP of Alliances & Business Development at CyberX. “We’re honored to be working with the Splunk Security and Splunk Industrial teams to deliver an innovative solution that supports the business, security, and operational needs of industrial and critical infrastructure organizations that are increasingly in the crosshairs of attackers.”

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[1] Gartner, “Competitive Landscape: Operational Technology Security,” by Ruggero Contu, 29 October 2018