“Reducing risk to our production operations is smart business,” said Litvin, CISO of First Quality Enterprises.  “CyberX gives us deep visibility into our OT environment and continuous OT risk management, while enabling unified security monitoring and governance across both IT and OT.” Ariel Litvin, CISO, First Quality Enterprises

We’re pleased to announce that Ariel Litvin, chief information security officer (CISO) at First Quality Enterprises (FQE) and a client of CyberX, is a finalist for the 2018 Northeast Information Security Executive (ISE) of the Year Award. Litvin is being recognized for his outstanding leadership and exemplary achievements in information security, risk management, privacy and network security.

At First Quality, smart manufacturing and IIoT are essential to achieving greater quality and efficiency in the company’s innovative manufacturing processes. In order to support the needs of the business while reducing risk, Litvin has implemented CyberX’s continuous OT threat monitoring and asset management platform in multiple plants, along with centralized management providing a global view of OT risk across all of its facilities.

Litvin, previously a security director at PwC, is being acknowledged for implementing a cohesive IT/OT security monitoring and governance strategy at FQE. By centralizing digital risk management in a single function, FQE can more effectively address advanced threats across both IT and OT, as well leverage existing investments in IT security personnel, SOC workflows, and security technologies such as SIEM and orchestration systems.

Litvin is also being recognized for fostering closer collaboration between the firm’s IT and OT organizations, and for helping remove silos that have traditionally existed between IT and OT in other companies.

Mr. Litvin will also be presenting a case study at the Palo Alto IGNITE Europe conference, describing how his SOC is leveraging CyberX’s integration with his firm’s security stack including IBM QRadar (SIEM); Siemplify (security automation and orchestration); and its next-generation firewall infrastructure from Palo Alto Networks, enabling immediate blocking of malicious traffic identified by CyberX’s ICS-aware behavioral analytics and self-learning.

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