The Bar Ilan Center for Smart Cities improves the quality of urban life by acting as a hub for city administrators and university researchers. One of the hottest areas of exploration and research for cities is digitalization, and digitalization involves the introduction of IoT applications and devices, including everything from smart meters in homes to sensors in water, electric, and other utilities that help monitor, optimize, conserve, and deliver resources to citizens.

Ran Goldstein, Director of Business Development at Bar Ilan University, sees the value that modernization, digitalization, and IoT initiatives bring to cities, but he also understands that as cities become more connected, their attack surface grows. “We need to work with companies that will help us deal with the risk engendered by the proliferation of IoT devices” Ran said. “An attack could literally shut off water supply to the citizens of a city”.

Enter CyberX. CyberX not only helps cities discover the IoT devices already in these city’s networks, it also catalogs vulnerabilities associated with those devices and continuously monitors network traffic between IoT devices to flag anomalies that could be caused by either operational issues or malicious actors.

The Bar Ilan Center for Smart Cities have installed the CyberX IoT security platform so that visiting mayors and university researches can see the value that an IoT security platform provides.