ICS Threat Modeling

CyberX’s threat modeling technology predicts and visualizes the most likely paths of targeted ICS attacks, enabling you to quickly prioritize and simulate mitigation actions for your most important assets.



Exclusive to CyberX, our automated ICS threat modeling technology is the first to predict the most likely paths of targeted ICS attacks via proprietary analytics. You can quickly visualize, prioritize and simulate mitigation actions to protect key “must-not-fail” functions that generate the most revenue or control your most essential services.

This is key to a risk-based approach that enables you to make more effective use of limited people resources and narrow maintenance windows.

Security teams can also simulate what-if mitigation actions to continuously adjust their security posture and reduce their attack surface, such as “If I isolate or patch this insecure device, does it eliminate the risk to my most critical assets?”

And with graphical visualizations of potential breach paths, CyberX also helps line-of-business management and OT stakeholders more easily understand the business impact of top risks to your most valuable “crown jewel” assets.


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Primary Use Cases

Every organization is at a different stage in their OT cybersecurity maturity. Just as adversaries are becoming increasingly sophisticated, organizations are also continually challenged to up their game. CyberX enables you to easily adopt new capabilities to match your organizational readiness.

Advanced Use Cases